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Fair Share

Tesoro Music relies on contributions from student families to fund our program.


The school district provides:

  • Instrumental Music Directors - Mr. Smith and Ms. Choi

  • School facilities

  • Transportation for TReg & Winter Drumline (not UHauls)

  • $750 Summer Repair


The Instrumental Music program relies on family contributions to help fund other necessities such as:

  • music stands & other classroom supplies

  • instruments & instrument repair

  • sheet music

  • band uniforms

  • coaching

  • show design

  • competition entry fees

  • transportation, especially of instruments and other equipment

  • fees for substitutes to cover school classes during trips and festivals

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We depend heavily on the financial support of our families and are grateful for every contribution.

Because the Tesoro Music Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible. To request a letter stating your donation for tax purposes, please email

Does your employer match donations? 

If so, consider choosing the Boosters as your match this year. Our Tax ID number is 91-2147063.

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The Tesoro Music Boosters can accept your donations & payments in the following ways

Credit Card

Pay by credit card here on the Booster website using the form below. An additional amount will be added to cover the credit card processing fee.



Please include in the Note section your student's name and purpose of the payment.


Note: Scott Joplin, $650-TReg FS, $96-BC Dinner, $120-Orchestra FS



Cash or Check (payable to Tesoro Music Boosters)

Use a deposit envelope, available to the right of the drop box in the music room (#1005). Please include the students name and the purpose of the money on the envelope.


Student's First Name: Sharon

Student's Last Name: den Adel

Check #:  2371

Amount: $889

What is the check for: $35 - Dinkles, $84 BC Dinner, $650 TReg Fair Share, $120 Band FS

Needs Winter Color Guard:

  • Coaching, show design & choreography

  • Competition entry fees

  • Equipment and supplies

  • Costume ($70)

Total Funding Needs:


Requested Contribution from each student

& Costume cost

$350 + $70 = $420

Needs for Winter Drumline:

  • Coaching, show design & music

  • Competition entry fees

  • Truck rentals (to transport large instrumentts to competitions)

  • Uniform rental ($75)

Total Funding Needs:


Requested Contribution from each student

& Uniform rental

$375 + $75 = $450

Needs for Jazz Ensemble:

  • Sheet Music

  • Coaching for individual sections

  • Entry fees to Jazz Festivals

  • Equipment and supplies

Total Funding Needs for 2024


Requested Contribution from each student


Needs for String Ensemble, Sinfonia Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band & Wind Ensemble:

  • Sheet music

  • Coaching for individual sections

  • Entry fees to competitions

  • Transportation to competitions, including instruments

  • Equipment and supplies

Total Funding Needs for 2023–2024


Requested Contribution from each student


Needs for Titan Regiment Marching Band & Colorguard:

  • Field show design & music

  • Coaching fees

  • Equipment & supplies (silks for flags, props, etc.)

  • Uniform cleaning and maintenance

  • Gloves, t-shirt, drawstring bag, etc.

  • Competition entry fees

  • Transportation to competitions, including instruments & other equipment

  • Meals served at field shows (students can't go to the concession stands before the performance)

  • Activities (Beach Party, Senior Dinner, etc.)

Total Funding Needs for 2023 Field Show Season


Cost per student in the program


Requested Contribution from each student


Fair Share Donations

Your contribution helps support all aspects of the Tesoro Instrumental Music Program!

Select a donation level
Which class is this donation for?

Custom Donation

Use this form if you would like to choose your own donation amount.


When you pay with a credit card, a processing fee is removed from your donation before we receive it. If you'd like us to receive a target amount after the processing fee is charged use the calculator below.

If you donate


the Boosters will receive



For the low price of $205 you can advertise your business in each concert program and on our website, or choose your preferred option. All funds will be used to support the Tesoro Instrumental Music program.

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